Serendipity Day

Get Ready on August 18th to Celebrate Serendipity Day




My name is Madeleine Kay . . . 
Often called A Serendipity Catalyst, 
Im on a mission 
to help as many people as possible . . . 
make serendipity a part of their every day life . . . 

         to recognize it . . . appreciate it . . . look for it . . . celebrate it . . .

 And guess what ... It's now official! Serendipity Day has been declared
an official holiday to be celebrated every year on August 18th!


You are invited to download a FREE copy of The Serendipity Handbook 
to help you bring more serendipity into your life and enjoy Serendipity Day!

Just send an email to the following email

Just say... "Yes . . . I want more serendipity in my life."

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